Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back online fully now I think - just some rambles :)

Well I am caught up on emails and communications now! :D

"High Speed" (satellite) internet was installed yesterday afternoon. I have made a quick attempt to upload a very large sized image (1.5MB) just to see if I could and it went in a very reasonable amount of time - yyaaaayyy!!! :D Installation yesterday was also done under cloudy skies with periodic drizzle and nary a hestitation there.. if I have to wait for the internet through a downpour now and then, well so be it I guess. I'll just try to be careful in how I do new sales so that I don't go offline due to weather or surpassing my daily allowed bandwidth (which is generous enough to be servicable).

I won't be looking at youtube funnies much anymore though I can tell ya! :D And on a more relavent to art note -sighs- I probably won't be surfing as hard for photos and videos either of horse colors or horse movements. As so many of my past posts have shown, I like to bookmark the largest and highest resolution versions of these but I'll need to be more selective and careful in my surfing now (there is a freeforall download period in the wee hours of the morning at least - and a file manager to set it automatically, but that doesn't work when you are looking for photos that say, show a horse's forelimb from a certain angle all crunched up tight in super high resolution.. so maybe I shall become either a really early riser or a very late night owl!). At any rate, it's a really good thing I insisted on keeping every scrap of reference material through all of this... there are several hundred pounds of horse literature stuffed in here with me! ;)

I'd love to upload some pictures here that were taken on my camera phone since I've gotten here but it'll be a bit before I can - I need to find my adapter card! Doh!! (packed carefullly - don't you love it when you pack something away carefully never to see it again?? Man I hope not!). The card these pics are on is made for a phone and is the size of my pinky nail (and holds insane amounts of pictures/videos/whatever).. only problem is that it's too tiny for my computer's slots - in fact it's like a contact lens, you don't want to drop it on the ground or you'll never find the dang thing again!;) Anyhow, I would just upload from my phone of course butas I said, no service. My new plan won't include internet probably... that's next week's project! :)

Well with that, I'll just post a pic I'd taken on a previous trip down, but we passed by again today soooo (is that cheating? lol! I just love these!).

Again, it's been wonderful so far - but tons to do. Today for instance we shopped around for appliances (and a few other essentials) and bought a fridge and a stove... now to get them installed. Every day a new big project it seems. I think tonight I might now get to unpacking some studio essentials as I'm absolutely chomping at the bit to get back into things!

I hope all is well out there, I have barely peeked around at what's going on with everyone else (miss that) :( At least now I think I have replied to everyone's email now so if you haven't heard back from me, well give me a hollar again at both emails to be sure.. and

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Christine said...

If you ever have a specific request I take a lot of random horse pictures at my job and at shows and I often catch some funny positions and angles. I can do a check of my stock to send some to you if that might help. :)