Sunday, December 20, 2009

I finished something! :)

Aaaaaaaaaand I'm having project completion introspection... Soooooo I just uploaded this album and am waiting to hear back from his owner...

Thing is, as I took these photos, I sorta have to laugh. I mean you can see the detail in real life if you look close in good light... but it was hard to get the camera to take pictures that showed the details well. And again I start to wonder, "is it worth it?".

I mean that quite sincerely - as an open question to other artists. I really really enjoy striving for crazy little details but sometimes I wonder if I'm really the only one who notices in real life?

I'm not trying to garner oohs and ahhs here -> I REALLY wonder this! lol! These two photos are the ones that sorta show the detail best, and even the album view doesn't let me zoom in enough to show it.
You'll have to click on these to see the hairs of which I wonder about..

and this one

At some point I just gotta wonder if it's worth it to collectors. As my eyes get older and it's harder for ME to see little hairs, I wonder if collectors find that hyper-tiny details aren't worth it? Who else has eyes that are aging here and have no idea what I'm talking about with "hairs". lol!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

View from the painting desk..

I keep meaning to remember to do a helpful tip video on something I keep hearing about - how to address warping legs. It's just something that happens with minis that lack steel rods in their legs because they're too small. It's really quick, safe and easy to fix with a cup of (near) boiling hot water. Safer that way than even with heating guns. To be honest, it's just that I have to borrow my fiance's camera (so odd to say that still!), which is the one with video ability. I suppose I could try it with my cell phone but that would be really hard to juggle along with the hot water.. anyhow, will try to remember to do this. I've fixed minis made by all the US casters and a couple of the overseas ones too - all stayed fixed to the best of my knowledge too (the ones still here of my own collection have anyhow).

Anyhow, there's not much else to share of late. These are most of the commissions on my plate and they've all been keeping me plenty busy. Arab mare sculpture (Iaret) got primered the other day but I'm still dissatisfied with a couple ofminor (but big to me!) things so I decided to wait to show her off. Besides, she's pretty much just hair and veins away from being done now sooooo I'll let the anticipation build. :)


Just the Hazel there is a commission. The minis are my own cold-cast bronze copies. The grey behind her is a Caller Lippizan of my own (won't be for sale). The Indy poking out behind her is just waiting for the market to pick up before he goes up for sale..

My new doll behind this Bosco was also too cute to put away (made by Mrs Anne Field!). :) Doesn't the Bosco look like he may just spin and kick Hazel in annoyance? This fellow is the one used as the prototype for all the bitties... so yes, his head is held differently than others and his mane and tail are a little different too. :)

And then we are down to the grey's shelf. The Deseoso has just started on his dappling, and the Indian Fire is almost done now. Todays project to go with my latest book on tape! :)

There's 2 more in the other cabinate but it's tucked back and is dark so I couldn't take pictures of what's in it. One is a Sovran who's just too heavy to try and cram in here. The others is another Bosco started years ago by someone else.

Anyhow, so that's the update. Will take a stab at the mini videography soon. Off to lunch now and this rainy afternoon project. :)

PS - just remembered to add this. Speaking of dolls and things not put away. I redid my documentation performance photos and blurbs onto matting boards recently (over many days a little at a time). Then put them away all organized in a folder... Last night I DREAMED that I went to a show and forgot the folder with all the documentation at home. The most frustrating part of it all to me is I can't remember if I managed to work out a solution or not. I'm odd, I get very excited when I work out solutions in my sleep. Anyhow, for whatever interest that is.. there ya go. ;)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I've been up to lately..

Well primarily it's been these two horses;

Neither are great photos but you get the idea. I have a couple of others in progress too but far less photogenic at the moment. At least with the mapped out appy here for example you can tell what basically he'll be in the end. :)

Other things are clearing out trash, reorganizing some things, and I fixed/revamped a few things too. General housekeeping finally being addressed.

Not nearly as exciting as fun videos but there ya go! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Presention is everything!

This is actually something I've been thinking on in the last 24hrs as something has come up. The pros and cons of a spiffy presentation. What cons could there be you ask?

hahahah... glad you did! The first one I thought of here is this you tube video of a "feel good" vacation story... when presentation can be misleading...

I saw this remade trailer of "The Shining" there some years ago on youtube and apparently now a whole genera of movie trailer spoofs now exists! Some more fun ones below;

As for the pros of a well done presentation. Well at the moment I'm not able to discuss it but soon enough I will. :)

Ok, ok... in all seriousness, I think presentation of professional matters is exceptionally important. Clear and obviously NOT misleading presentation (dispite the above goofs). The twisting around of the true stories above (hopefully you're familiar with at least one of those in reality?) at least show how the media bytes we are innudated with daily so easily distort the truth. I've witnessed personally one interview-gone-awry in real life after a boss of mine had an interview that was (personally it sure seemed intentional too) misquoted and really achieved the result of completely misrepresenting his words & the company he was speaking on behalf of. I tend to be quite skeptical of the media and still I get "taken" sometimes mind you.

Ah but again I digress into the pitfalls of it. Presentation is really a GOOD thing when done right imo. And more on why I've thought about that so much in the past day or so soon enough..! :)