Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where did I go???? lol! :D

Well I've been quite busy lately wrapping up things all over the place.. for instance this fellow who's sat "almost done" for over a year now.. he's getting a few final touches...

And also on the painting bench a # of other horses have been getting lots of attention now however I don't want to share so much as they're commissions and I'd like to wait until the exciting details are more thoroughly covering them.. how's that for vague? lol!

I haven't been totally sucked into Facebook, don't worry! I turned off every game app I spied. Mostly my participation there has been the few random sentences or so.. skimming what people are up to & just hitting "like"for the most part. Don't worry blog readers/anti-FB peeps! I really haven't posted much of interest over there except tidbits about day to day minor thoughts that aren't honestly worth posting here (like a grumble about my book on tape CDs that I listen to skipping.. things I hardly find worth making a blog post about basically). THAT said, here's a synopsis of the last week or two that I realized I was remiss in sharing here;

New website look ( was put up on Valentine's day when I made Iaret available to the general public. AND I'm excited to learn tongiht that she'll start shipping tomorrow - woohoo!

And I did have another "sales piece' moment (one evening) where I started a base coat on one of 3 Hazels I got back from prepping.. although lord only knows when I'll return to this gal - these were photoshopped on where I wanted to airbrush the remaining white blending of the basecoat.. The actual horse isn't that much different (less piggy eyed - my photoshop coloring here wasn't so hot)

Think you get the gist of that hopefully tho. :D

Anyhow, other than that, nothing remarkable has gone on over here except a lot of nose-to-the-grindstone work really. The weather has been pretty interesting - full of variety. Gorgeous over the weekend and then miserable sleet-snow-and now rain (but going back to sleet and snow tonight). Seems like half the country has been rather odd/cold or otherwise unseasonable/unpleasant. We're still planning on moving in mid-April. There's a show around here in late March that I might just try to attend, although I'm sadly being exceptionally frugal due to the move costing thousands. So we'll see about that. I really should go - even just as a visitor.

And that's about all the news that really isn't! :D Hope everyone else out there is having fun and staying dry/warm whichever you like best!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Still learning to play nice nice with my camera..

This is a commission too. So I'm not so worried about fantabulous sales photos. All the same I'd really like to do better than this... colors were washed out or over the top yellow. This is a little too pale but closer to real life than the neon yellow I was getting under other settings and light. The background is definitely not helping either. It is fun to see a solid color through and through on Hazel though. :) I was pretty pleased how the subtle dapples turned out. I'd love to do plain solid simple colors more often to be honest!

I should see later today if I get a chance, what happens to the color of hte body under the same settings and lighting variables if you change out the background. I've got a white vinal one, a blue splashy water-like one, and a brown paper package roll I sometimes use.. hmmm...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I joined Facebook today..

This was my first test upload into an album on it. The poor cut up fellow from the last post is back together and has a fun pretend tail for now (I may rip that off later to get at things in ithere and smooth them out).

ANYHOW.. wow.. Facebook.. yeah..
My mind is officially.. overwhelmed with it.

Before I was done signing up it seemed to have feeds to know who my friends were (that's rather creepy). And then I was just plain innundated.

ANYHOW, I did so because I know how much of a pain it can be to surf through blogs. So this (I think?) will allow for me to have my notes as a feed. I dunno. Maybe I'm supposed to do a feed somewhere else. A friend promised me that tomorrow she'd show me how to make a Studio Page. That option was not given to me immediately and I just got sucked in as an individual and bombarded - lol! Wow. You should see my expression over here. I'm just shocked at it all.

Well for now I can't even figure out how to link to it all. If you're looking for me on there you can search by my email addy for it;

Adding on - here's one more:

From 2 weeks ago when we got an all expenses paid trip down to the Tampa area for fiance's mom's wedding. It was over 60 degrees out... returning home to sub zero wind chills was HARD! lol!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wow. "Did you feel that too?"

So I was in the studio this morning when I thought a truck hit my apartment building.. glancing out at the windows I see nothing. No horses toppled from their shelves... and a short while later sirens go on by.

I had to wrap up what I was doing with epoxy before it set and then I called my fiance. He had the same experience at his workshop (7 miles away but closer to the explosion site). He thought something exploded in the building he shares. Went around outside to see more and saw the horses in the field next to him looking off to the distance where big billowing clouds of smoke were pluming... helicopters zooming in.. etc.

And I just got off the phone with my new-mommy friend there and they (about 10miles south of me), had the same experience to a slightly less degree.

I'm just wondering now how many folks who might read this might have felt it. The reports of "feeling the explosion" were about 20 miles away I've heard so far. It appears 300 people work there at any given time so I hope I don't know anyone hurt in this. I know they've been sending in emergency vehicles from 5 surrounding cities. The plant is about 5 miles away from me but it's an area I know pretty well. We looked at a house for sale just a half mile from the plant site only last year actually, the windows on it must be shattered I'd think.

Anyhow, not much of an exciting report here. Just curious to know if anyone else who might live here in CT felt it. & Of course I hope there aren't too many casualties there.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Solid as a rock through and through! :)

I was kinda surprised when I saw this to see HOW solid through and through he was. It's like tree rings, no? lol!

Most of my sculptures have a foam core, but it does get annoying to work with the foam. I remember that when I started this fellow (see June of 2007 here; ) I really started with a scary dog-like skeleton of scratch... just funny to look back at now..