Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maybe this is helpful?

I was so surprised at how many folks wrote about my last post & said it was helpful.. so it occurred to me today that maybe this will be of interest to someone too?

It's pretty much what it looks like, but I find it really helpful to have around when I'm painting. I was also able to make note when I made it how long some paints took to dry over others... I could've noted that down too but I didn't. I put my paint try on this dish drainer too so this way I can just grab easier by the order I see on the palette. What I like most about it is seeing how transparent some colors are over others. I use quite a few transparent oxides as well, but there's a great degree of transparency variation in the paints that are in theory 'opaque'.

Anyhow, so there ya go. Hope it's helpful to someone else! :)

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