Friday, November 19, 2010

Waiting for paint to dry...

Is just torture... I realized in almost all of my blogging of him over the past 2 years I NEVER shared his off side so here ya go! I'm going to get smacked for not showing really decently taken pictures again (glare and out of focus and all).. My friends are so great to try & steer me in the right direction... but I'm just off in left field. :)

This fellow is waiting for his primer here to dry so he can get his veins painted on now.

This really is blurry.. hrmph. Oh well... know better than to do this... I just couldn't resist sharing that face & those chunky rump bumps! :D

Editing to add on one more... made while waiting for dinner here.. I'm STARVING (we're making pizza here it takes SO LONG tho!) :D

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