Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great weather, very therapeutic/rejuvenating here

I share this pic really only because it has the slight (!eek!) illusion of "crash!". How appropo of things in my life I think? :) You may have to hold your breath at times but all will pass smoothly. Anyhow, more practically this is maybe the most notable photo I'd gotten really today (everything else being horses working and from a distance mostly, or unflattering poses/close ups). This & a handful more were all I got of reference photos at the Carolina Horse Park - folks gearing up for the events in a few weeks. I'm going to fill up my server with all the "reference" sharing so no more, promise!

No this is just a quick post to say all is well here. The weather has been good. I went back to New England in January and aside from the fact that nothing about the trip was for fun really, the weather was unbelievably worse than I ever remember it (at least snow volume wise) and it was dismal & ironic at best, downright scary to be traveling around in at times. I am exceptionally grateful not to still be there trying to deal with the last barn I worked at too. The gate system there simply was nearly impossible in snow/ice conditions. I've heard some horror stories from folks up there this season, and well, have seen some shocking pictures; my heart goes out to you all! I wish all my pals could come join me down here? :) In a few more months when it will be cruelly hot I guess & you can be laughing at me. Mostly just sharing here that I am happy to be home, time seems to be flying along (feels like I just got back a week ago) but I needed to just add that it really felt like a "rebirth" to come back down here to the (apparently exceptionally unseasonably mind you) warm weather and things to look forward to doing. Tomorrow when severe storms come through I might not be able to post how grateful I am in the dark w/out power. ;)

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