Thursday, June 2, 2011

Throwing it out there Thursday... :)

Just throwing this out for folks to see, because it's cute as anything! One of several pics I got of the mold in progress. The first of 2 molds so far is done & casting should start soon, I'm so excited!!! :)

No final decisions yet on the other post here either... just meditating on how I could pull off some! :D


RobinHoodFan said...

How come he's covered in the silicone? Isn't it going to be a 2part mold? Is that just to retain the minor details before pouring the full mold? I'm curious about this process since it's like no other mold making that I've ever seen before. Can you explain what's going on in the photo alittle more?

Thanks! :D

Morgen said...

I should've been clearer that this is just one of several photos I was sent. The last is of a blob covered up. It's definitely a multipart mold. I didn't make it so I can't say for CERTAIN but I think this is 2nd step. There's a nice blue part of the mold below. Then in what I think is a 2nd to final step he's a big pink & purple blob. For all I know there's more than 2 parts! I'm just sharing this photo because it's cute though. They're pretty busy so I don't want to ask a lot of questions right now. :D

Becky Turner said...

morgan.. I make molds myself ( not always on larger pieces I ship them out ) and I cant figure out whats being done here.. unless they are making a glove mold and then they cut thru it.( I don't do this because I can never figure out where to cut and its too hard for me to hold each piece apart while cutting safely.. and no one here to help so I so 2 part molds but a heck of a lot different than this.. Id have had him on his side and made a neat parting line.. huh.. weird.. yea Id love to know whats going on here too.. I think any sculptor who makes mold also would be interested.. heck even non artists because its just interesting..I still want to see a breyer mold and see how they are made! lol

Morgen said...

Well I guess Becky at some point when they have a moment, maybe when I can speak in person, I'll ask? I don't want to be a pain right now though as it seems to be a very exceptionally busy time. The last photo showed him fully covered on top so maybe it is a split off key.

What I've always liked about the horses they've cast is that you can barely find some seams. Most every single one I've gotten that Barry has done was the simplest prep, any noticeable seam had hardly any shift/gap to clean/fill - a very watertight fit of the mold in other words? So I'm hardly worried about it!

Sorry I posted such a mystery though here - lol! I'll find out at some point down the road here and post a new one with better explanations. :)

Winnie TheTackMaker said... a foal swimming in a strawberry smothie.