Friday, September 9, 2011

Four new faces Friday! :D

Ok, well I have a hard time obviously coming up with good names for titles here. Some of these are actually older but I finally got around to casting them… as you can see one was designed to go along with Kipling!

This is my hand for scale. I’ve actually got something I cast that day I’m twitching to share buuuuut I’m going to wait until I’ve got the products here to make and assemble them… hopefully next week? How annoyingly mysterious, I know! Sorry. I’ve shared this one before in progress… buuuut the end stages made him really come together & shine sooooo I want to be ready to go “ta da!!” properly. Crossing fingers for a productive weekend /early week. After much research and techy talk with people I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that I must make a multipart mold… my first & so I’ll have a post where I can show the prototype/waste mold box & then share why/how the 2 part mold had to be done for this type of casting material... (provided all goes well). At least this is a smaller object & these many molds are less costly…

Soooooooo the nose-up widget there? I’m thinking it should be exclusive to Kipling purchases? Right!?! :)

OH! Kipling, I see I haven’t posted here the sales page, just the album! (Guess it’s been a few weeks..!) Well Kipling has been up for sale on my website since September 1st – again he’s only available for September. Postmarks / payment time stamps must be by Sept 30th. Here’s all his purchase info!

More soon I hope with smooth sailing! :D

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