Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still no name here on this fellow..

Liberty act spanish guy... that's what we'll call him for now. Can't you see him charging around after Lorenzo or hear the music & see the surreal lighting there in the Cavalia tent?!

Had some more time to play today, (truthfully sometimes I just have to abandon the raw casting cleanup brigade for a few hours & do something new & creative!). I put one of the few SM Breyers I have in the center photo for comparison.

Should enlarge pretty big if you click on it. :)

& Having nearly no other news, may I say WHEW where has this week gone so far???! :D


Carol said...

Wow, Morgen, I am loving how he looks so far! I can't wait to see this little guy finished :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you have some reference pics you could share? Every time I look at him I see him backing up, not cantering. I'm not sure if it's his left hind leg or something else, but I can't seem to see him as going forward. Are there any pics of real horses you have that I could see to get a better idea of the movement? I don't mean to be a b****, I love your work, but that is really throwing me off.

Morgen said...

It's funny because I wrote to one photographer after a comment yesterday & asked about using photos in the blog (I have like 20 links from her site of tucked heads I was studying, but mostly my references are books). Anyhow, the answer is always the same though (and I do NOT blame them -> it's how they make a living); but photographers want usage fees and I just don't have any single photo I'd pay that much for just to share. But I'll look. I realized I could share video & say "pause it at 3:15" or soemthing like that so perhaps that'll work. :)

Morgen said...

Ok, found one quickly, not a liberty act but I could find one of those too;

Freeze at 1:48 (and 1:46 too I think).

I'll see if I can find one of the liberty acts but I'm operating from satellite internet (it makes video and photos a bear to download).

Morgen said...

Mmm yeah, exceeding internet daily allotment after just a few videos! Gotta stop but I found Alexander Nevzorov too (he used WBs I believe, but that's even better in a way to show that all breeds CAN collect)

See 3min into this..

The problem is that if I start posting single photos for something less commonly seen I run the risk of claims that I worked only from a photographer's photo (not true - that just doesn't work for me). Hope though that these and the terms "collected canter" or even "piroutte" will help. You do see it a lot on liberty acts where a horse canters around a person. I saw some Cavlalia, etc ones recently but frankly they are clearly pirated videos so you'll have to go out google to be on the safe side. :)

CAROL! I'm so rude here - thank you too!

Last Alliance Studios said...

He looks like a Giovanni to me! ;)

RE reference photos - if any of mine are of any use to use feel free to take as many as you like for sculpting refs and whatnot. :)

I hardly get a chance to see many real horses these days but when I do I try to record as many of them as possible! lol

Morgen said...

Wow - that's a wonderful offer! It's slow surfing for me right now (pages loading slow)..but looks like you have some wonderful photos! Can I search up your email via your studio name? (or can I trouble you to email me your name for proper credit - I'm at ). Tx!!! :D