Friday, January 13, 2012

A nice surprise!

This is where galleries really are something artists need - they help promote you and I really fail in the self-promotion dept... in fact in person I often start to get nervous talking about my work & will start to criticize it. Which in any sales gets ya pulled from the floor so to speak! I watch my friends skillfully use these adjectives in describing their work & I try but I just feel unconfortable using them - I'm pretty practical and pragmatic. "This is my art, hope you like it." " Yes, I use a lot of video/photo & real life reference animals to study to create them." (omg there is sooo much there I could elaborate on that someone might be interested in hearing... & yet? I clam up. I babble enough at other times mind you... [headdeskbangbang] and another recent answer "I had some college & private education in art & anatomy, yes.". (So self promotion "fail" - I have to ask/beg/plead & happily pay people to write things for me all the time).

Incidentally, this is in part why I love my unpainted artist resin collector customers - they require "only the facts mam!". (Course when I was trading services with a friend who wrote/posted ads more often & promoted me more verbosely than I would ever dream of? .. yeah... my business sales doubled.... & well there's a big lesson in that that's not lost on me!).

Anyhow, so I knew there was a listing in the town event in The Pilot about my upcoming workshop.. but I was tickled to get this in my in box today! I don't live in that region so I hope to pick up a copy for my scrapbook I'm starting. Jane, the Hollyhocks Gallery owner, is truly gifted at presentation in all ways! It's a rare talent amongst artists - this is why we REALLY turn to gallery owners... and with that, back to sculpting for me today! ;)


Lynn A. Fraley said...

That is a nice bit of press, congrats Morgen! And have fun teaching this coming Saturday.

Morgen said...

Thanks Lynn! If anyone is truly interested in further horse sculpture study I'd planned to happily refer them to you (actually I did that at my Breyer course). Just knowing what you cover & seeing all the student's photos over the years.... gives me this appreciation for those amazingly enthusiastic teachers who teach whole VAST week long courses verses these lil day or hour long workshops. ;)