Friday, September 28, 2012

Metallic madness...

We all know I like my metallics but I've been wanting to ramp it up & do some of those lighter, more form-flattering (imo) colors.  To do so I needed to get more oxides and straight up acids I didn't have.

Anyhow, so I bought the Sculpt Nouveau kit finally.  Now I can do both dark and light with the deeper staining/metal reactions... &  please (try not to laugh TOO HARD), keep in mind that I have a long ways to go before I'd ever sell any of these...  Maybe I might brave the market with aged widgets, but for now, this is more about showing off the shape of these two - so there in is my rationale for not going so dark. Plus I confess I rather like the corrosive speckles & rainbow effect (hard to see in photos).

First we have my Maxixe de Barrio sculpture who is looking around 100 years old now... but, I'm thrilled that he's not some wicked dark, hard to see sculpture.  I'll have to fiddle with the sealers.  I suspect satin's shine will be incongruous with this rusty old metal look but who knows.  Anyhow, he ranges in color from orange to blue and I really dig it.  More photos when done...

Kipling came out a bit more traditionally, the flash photo made the white pretty extreme;

 compared to this photo below (sorry for the blur but I didn't bust out with my tripod & it was the best I could do there).  Anyhow, you can see both in a more "normal" color below;

Sooooo so far I'm pleased!

I'm calling these guys together "The Odd Couple" and will offer them only via preorder in bronze.  I've played around with the placement I prefer and will share that when done here too - both will be mounted to a base "just so" in order to sort of show the little interaction they have as pasture pals (in my head these are the stories that come to me as I sculpt these things ... ). ;)


DeeAnn said...

I love these guys Morgen!! Very inspirational, as always. :)

Keep up the great work!

Morgen said...

Tx DeeAnn! Sorry too about the comments moderation thing... when I started getting viral/spammy links posted I had to change the settings. I get messed up on them too though when I post to blogger! :-P lol!

KarenBeeson said...

Both of these finishes are wonderful, Morgen. I agree that the lighter finish really brings out all of the contours on Max. It sounded like you thought you might be alone in your enjoyment of all of the colors in the finish on him, but I think the colors will have a wide appeal. Beautiful!

Morgen said...

Thank you Karen! :D I haven't thrown in the towel .. but... I'm sad to report that when I put the sealer on these guys they darkened up a shade. Currently I'm testing the sealers on junk bodies to see how much I can get away with on making them at least more "matte". Satin is pretty but VERY incongruous with this finish. lol!

Btw, LOOKIT YOU!!!! (so rare do we see photos of the talented woman behind the paintbrush!). :D