Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bummed but good things on the horizon...

I'm sure given my last post everyone figured out I've been really really busy.. good and bad news.  And well, I always believe things happen for a reason -- > the house deal is not going to happen.  We're out a chunk of change on appraisals and inspections and I'm thoroughly disheartened (never mind a bit exhausted too)  I've spent an enormous amount of time lately on researching options.  I'm actually going to delete the pictures in the last post since it's an object "back on the market".  I have a "thing" about discussing anything negatively that is up for sale.  So no further discussion.  I'm just truly bummed,  I really could picture us living and working away happily there.

In GOOD news.. picture below of the swimming mare getting cast (it only took a day) and soooo she's cast now;  I've gotten 2 good castings.   
One casting is for my prototype & I've been cleaning her up, fiddling with tiny tiny details to be ready to ship her out for production casting. & When I've also got a spare second casting of seaweed here in a few days I'll be able to demonstrate how she "clips in" (magnets lock her in place on top).  I've been exceptionally excited about sharing how this works!

So lots going on here, good and bad.  Again I have to believe we were spared further ugly surprises by this.. but I'm exhausted / tired of living & working within boxes for years & years now.. and ready to settle down into a "home" soon.  It seemed so perfect, it really did.  So we are hopeful that an even more "perfect" place will appear now that we really are familiar the process.  Wish us luck.

In the meantime, stay tuned for some big splashes coming up soon! (sorry - I had to reach to find a pun to end of a silly note). ;)


Cristina Brown said...

I'm so sorry to hear things fell through with the new place, it's so physically and mentally draining buying property but as you say these things do happen for a reason and that 'perfect' one is still out there waiting to be found.....fingers, toes and anything else I'm able to cross it comes along very soon. ;)

The swimming mare is looking fabulous, something really different which I love! :D

Sending some hugs

Morgen said...

Thank you Cristina! On both accounts! :)