Sunday, June 30, 2013

Water accessory effect fitting video...

(I am cross posting this everywhere from my lists to make sure no one misses out on the info)
Hi guys!
I need to confess that this took me about 20 tries to make .. aaaaand even then this final footage still had a lot of out-takes so that I had to splice it together a bit.. I’m just NOT very good at this yet!  Still, I really really wanted to show how the water collar works (and more importantly, how tight fitting it does NOT work for pulling it on & off!).. So I just really felt I should give some basic tips so that no one ruins their finishes – even though it’s nothing really very new.   This is just the same sort of common sense needed in making & putting on tack; You have to plan for where it will possibly rub and make sure the fit is roomy enough and not scratchy!  Hoping this video will better illustrate my recommendations.. so please bear with me through the follies of trying that!

Towards the end at least it gets a little better in focus (youtube is always tricky though too).. but at the very very least I hope  you also can see how strong the final seaweed and magnets are!  There was a LOT of collaboration with the caster too in order to make sure the seaweed was as thin as it could be BUT still be strong enough to hold her without sagging down over time (steel rods prevent that).  I also use stronger magnets in the real final castings than I did for the bronze demo casting in that last video.  NOTE THOUGH!  :D You won’t be able to stick her to your car, or garage door.. nor upside-down or anything too wild or radical, but I’ve gotten  a lot of questions there about how secure she is up there so hope it helps show their strength better too!  (No ponies were harmed in the making of this video)

I’d really like to also to add that.. (hangs head in mortification)…my voice is sooo flat and unenthusiastic after those 20 tries too…lol! No voiceover career likely here I’m afraid…! :)  BUT here’s to hoping it’s at least tolerable though and that I’m mostly audible (and make sense)!  Truly need to add thanks for everyone’s support and patience as well.  Most of the paid for Oceania castings should be mailed by the end of this week.   In fact I’ve got 10 completely done that were only waiting on this url for their supplemental tips in the accessory packets.  That’s how much I felt I really needed to have “how to” in video form!!!   & Without further ado, here we go!

Hope folks are staying cool and dry, all the best!


Tai said...

I love how you handle Oceania so roughly, this really gives an idea of how much she can take with her seaweed base, the tail and also her legs. I don't think any model horse collector would ever handle a resin horse this roughly when you drop her upsidedown and really push her against the seaweed, so you who are the artist, and maybe the castor, would be the only people who could really be able to do this, not being afraid if the horse broke. I didn't have the money to purchase Oceania when she was available, but I will have to find one on MHSP or somewhere when I got the money. Lovely sculpture indeed!

Morgen said...

Sorry about the delay in publishing this Tai! I was phone-internet access only for a few days. ANYhow, well thank you! I was hoping people would see that she's not as precarious as she looks. Although of course I don't want people flinging them around aaaaaaaaaaaaand of course resin can bend (and thin resin like this can bend, even with the wires) so the seaweed caaaan get a little out of wack if handled rough and then the magnet alignment isn't so perfect. Ergo she DOES get a bit more precarious. ;) On the whole though she's surprisingly steady perched up there! :D