Monday, April 7, 2014

A Bit Overdue!

I had a fun photo essay to share but when I came here I realized that last month the whole Quartermeister release was time consuming & the blog fell off my to-do list!

Anyhow, soooo I have that to share and also my Academy of Equine Art course details & registration is up now;
Go here to register though (I don't handle any of that);

Then as I said, the Q-man is up for grabs for the next 5 months (now, he is a 6 month open edition lasting until Sept).  His page is here;
and I'll leave you with a photo of him as well taken on a rather cold damp day at sunset on my porch.  My misting breath was getting in the way (the south isn't always warm!) but it was the first time we'd had sun in days so I gave it a whirl!

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