Friday, April 4, 2008

Woohoo first Hazel casting is here! :D

I just cannot say how absolutely thrilled I am about the seamlines of this casting. I have never had a resin where I didn't feel a little sad that a seam crossed over some details in such a way as to loose some detail. It's hard to explain but essentially no casting is ever as "perfect" as the original - and sometimes they tend to lop off some crisp edge somewhere. This time however I was just absolutely thrilled - which is saying a lot as you labor over the details and try your darndest, and then feel a little pang when you see that seam cutting through. No pangs today - woohoo!

And hopefully I can get up to Spencer for a Region 10 show tomorrow and share! There's a couple folks up there who will hopefully be in attendance who's horses are probably done by now but will be shipped early next week. It'll be fun to show them what they've bought in person. :)

I couldn't resist throwing a Bosco next to Hazel to show her true size. For a heavier sporthorse mare she is surprisingly small imo - I keep expecting her to look so massive and tower next to other horses but she doesn't.

Anyhow, excited musing on a project that's officially complete! Yay!! :D

(ps, I owe great thanks to Janice for letting me take her horse around like this before giving it to her - thank you m'dear!) :D


Becky Turner said...

woh! that was fast! who does your casting? I just waited 7 months for my last one! which I got my 4 copies last week.... I mean that was lightning fast! impressive.. email me if with the name of who you are using? sigh..I wish I could afford one... I guess if I stopped buying food.. hmm.. lol
Rebecca Turner

Morgen said...

I see you saw my blab thread about MVS but I'll link to it here;
They are very organized and good about casting reasonably close to when they say they do over at Mountain View Studios. Which is good, because some artist's cannot afford to give refunds due to long waits and I am one of em! It's such a daunting job really, the bookkeeping, and keeping #s and addys and such straight on the other end (they are shipping out for me too) is really helpful to me.

I am NOT organized. ;)