Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WIP and anticipated finish times! :)

I’m on my “lunch hour” here but I’m getting excited about some of these horses and wanted to share my in progress shelf of late… I just HAD to take a picture of where I left off last night..! :D

Plus poor Lisa has really hoped for some sort of clue as to when certain sales might happen and I'm rather flakey about these things so a visual really helps me...

Amanda and Maddie, yes those are your's! There are REALLY subtle details there on both resins that I'm over the moon about and you won't be disappointed... ;) For everyone else's benefit I've ID'ed the horses that actually will be for sale to the public:

The Indy has been in progress forever, eh? I really want him to be special though. He needs finishing details only now finally! :D Likewise for Vixen (like her wee feetsies need slightly less subtle stripes for example and her tail needs .. well help still - lol!). This Spinny here is a newish horse to me this summer but his color was a cinch as there is this pony I take care of who is that color and it was inspired! The dinky there is new too, he will be fleabitten like his large brother however I'm giving him less bites and some faded dappling. Right now the dappling only has been done. Bitty looks dreadful in his particolored coat there but he's smoother than I thought and I'm filling in spots by carefully washing off the primer with turpentine. The highly porous Objet resin is like working in balsa wood really. I'm thrilled that his detail is coming out so precise, I took a different approach with dinky and it took a LOT longer.

Righto, so anyhow I hope to have a painted horse or two for sale in the coming weeks.

And then another.. sooner rather than later... and so on.. ;)

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