Friday, September 12, 2008

I get strangely excited about silly things...! :)

Ok, ok, I know that after almost a MONTH (eek!) it's really time for a more legit update on stuff but this cool object has fascinated me for a couple of days now..

It's a Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis apparently!

I spied it as I was ducking under a fence one morning. I'm pretty sure I've shown it to everyone now... lol! It looks positively fantastical (faerie tale fantastical)... with these little beaded gold 'threads' running along it. :D

Aaaaaaaand in other news, aside from sunup to sundown mostly at the farm with short stints home for lunch if I can (and an hour in the studio).. I've been mostly toting around bitty and working on him where ever and whenever possible. When I break from that it's to get some paint layers down on other resins. Sporadic working like this is rather frustrating unfortunately but I really am getting somewhere. In the meantime it's wee things like this that bring tickle me silly! :D

Oh, and fair season has started so I've gotten out of a house a few nights. As well as having had a few nice bbq's at the farm. I'm loosing some weight but I don't want to jinx myself by talking about that. & I actually rode a horse the other day too in a really idiotic (overconfident) effort to get him to do the lead changes that his owner wasn't getting. I only got front end changes too (which is why she came to me for help - at least now tho I know what she's up against.. it does help to feel what's going on although mostly I am not the type who trains by doing it myself first). It makes me laugh b/c it really was idiotic of me ... I'm not really sure what mad skills I thought I had to do this after only riding a donkey in the past 2 years (I soo soo miss riding now) but it's always fun to be optimistic. ;) Seriously... I'm really daft these days but I'm having fun at least out there!! Aaaaand laughing at myself clearly! ;) I will add tho that it was disconcerting to have immediate hip soreness after getting off. I hope that mere stretching more will help. I kinda fear that I'm going to need my (10-20 years from now?) next horse to be a gaited horse with all gaits being really smooth... -sighs- Getting old sucks! :-/

More sculpting updates soon hopefully. Sorry to be offline so much but there really isn't much of anything for me to share yet!

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