Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Iaret status and more..! :)

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Well I've been quiet for GOOD reasons! :)

I've gotten several horses out the door that I've been painting.. and a few more just days away from wrapping up as well. I've been picking and such at the arab mare Iaret... I TRIED the whirling (wiht a head toss) mane.. it just wasn't working for me. From the full right side view it looked too.. I dunno.. distracting. So I literally tore it off (was in with wires) and plan to do a much finer mane laying flat. The slightest of gesture of that shows here.

As I said before, now that she is becoming more of what I like, everytime I stand back and look at things I spot a little this or that... for instance I've spotted a few more corrections already before I even put these up. Since I last wrote however she had that whole right hind chopped off and placed on differently, her shoulder on that side drastically hewn down, and many other pretty significant changes.

That said, I expect she'll be done in not too long. August may be the month of crazy resin releases. I plan to have one other-> it's a secret for now, sorry! :) At least all of these new ones will most certainly be WELL under $200 unless something horrible happens to the price of resin in the coming month or so. ;)

Stay tuned! As always full ordering/resin release info goes to my yahoogroup first.

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