Monday, August 3, 2009

Other things coming soon... :)

It was just announced yesterday about the NAN trophy contest awards. .. well, that I am runner up, which means I can go ahead now and publicize this fellow! (he's been a secret that I've only shown folks in person for feedback)

Soooo in the not too distant future I will be offering him up for sale via my yahoogroup... once I've got a new background actually attached (for to stand nicely in display stands).. :)

There are a couple of other things I'm wrapping up that I've discussed some expectations of over there on the yahoogroup too. And I also admitted that I'm woefully behind on updating of photos. At least I *have* photos of the finished horses recently completed and mailed off to their owners, I just haven't taken the time to resize and get them online. I've got quite a few more in progress so back to work. Aside from Iaret below (who has gotten a good deal of work since her photo there too), I also have something else that's a surprise that I will be limiting news of to my yahoogroup for at least a brief period too.

I've been on the fence about making this blog a mirror of all sales offered through the yahoogroup but I am not ready to do so. There are things I post there and only there. Second quality castings for example. More recently a commission offer... and also when I decide to set a flat price on a painted resin for sale, I offer those up to the group rather than take the sale public over on MH$P (if they didn't sell I would I suppose). The last one was a Sarah Mink "Spinnaker" named "Patrick" who was sold through my group this past April; He won a Top Ten in workmanship at NAN a few months later btw (so happy for his owner!) :D

RIGHT, so the point being, I know of 2 persons I've met who subscribe to blogs but do NOT do yahoogroups. I'm wondering if this population is growing... well, the segement of the population who don't do yahoogroups at least. Other than keeping it pretty restricted to my posts alone, primarily sales info and trying to stay non-chatty... However some artists are utilizing their blogs over yahoogroup sales and notices, I am curious to know more about JQ Public's views/experiences/preference. I like that posts here could be formatted nicer. I do not want to make it one of those restricted viewing blogs. And I prefer to keep this where I can post something I'm wildly excited about but which is hardly an "action item" for customers per say.. :D

This isn't really a "vote" for a choice poll. Just a rambling about what's on my plate and some things I've been mulling over. So far no changes. Mostly I say so in case someone cares to bring to my attention a reason why yahoogroups are utterly evil! :D Hey, I've seen some pretty annoying issues with them over the past decade that I've been a subscriber... Every time a distribution glitch springs up especially I pause to reflect on the wisdom of using them. It's only that managing a mailing list with any other 'last name' tends to get picked up and tossed out by more mail servers. I wouldn't want to dump a means of sales notices that works 98% of the time. Mirror it maybe. Not dump. Back to work for me now! I can dwell on this while my fingers are doing more than translating my meandering thoughts. Sorry to babble guys! :D


Carol H. said...

I love your medallion entry! Very nice head.

I keep my blog and Yahoo group separate, and post my sales and commission openings to the Yahoo group for the most part. I keep my blog primarily for works in progress.

I don't know if it actually matters how you set it up. I subscribe to your Yahoo group, and I also subscribe to this blog so that I get it via email, so either way I'm getting notices through email. I always prefer a way that is more passive for me, so that I don't have to "go" to a site to get information, which takes extra time and steps, I'd rather that information "come" to me via email or a newsreader or something like that. It seems like I am the distinct minority in that, though.

To me, Yahoo seems more private and intimate, and I like that aspect.

Alicia Vogel said...

Yahoogroups seem to be "tradition" in the hobby. Personally I love blogs and subscribing to them...but I sub to Yahoogroups to make sure I'm not missing something.

Morgen said...

Thanks guys. Yes, I've always viewed the yahoogroups as the place to reveal the details that are more important ... sales #s/prices and the random surprise sale items.

I keep asking collectors from time to time because yahoo occasionally burps. The latest example I can think of was a friend's group where her painted sales auction horse announcement took 5-6 days to get to me. That doesn't happen often at all fortunately. Heck, even emails from person to person get waylaid like that sooo... it's not something worth fretting over imo I guess. :)

Chris said...

I don't like yahoo groups at all so I am one to subscribe to blogs only. I like the fact I can read them all in one place and not have to be clicking around for photos. This is easier for me as I am on painfully slow dial up.