Monday, August 24, 2009

Just playing with hair ideas today

While I make sure both sides of her face are matched up in a photo shoot done for my own comparison needs.

Anyhow, the differences became a LOT clearer to me when I flipped the images into mirror form and compared. A tool I've found to be extremely valuable in determining where to go next.

I'm a little rushed tonight but I figured I'd at least share the hair ideas I played with. Where to drap the hair really makes a huge different imo. Flowing back wasn't working in real life. Did I mention that? I actually had gone and sculpted it, several different ways, and just didn't like any of it. Too dragon-esque. Soooooo this is the direction I'm leaning towards now...

Not entirely pleased with the wet-strand look on the left forelock but then again, I was just playing when I got to this part. :)

Once again, I'm taking hasty pictures and not paying nearly enough attention to some things like distortion. Well heck... do I ever get undistorted pics? (blarg!) lol! ;)

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