Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pluggin along over here..

Still haven't unpacked a good deal of the studio though! :D

It's been a matter mostly of picking at projects to see where and how to arrange things. Overall there's a little less room because I've moved my desk & books from the living room into the painting room.. on the PLUS side of that, I can now skip printing out references at times. There are 2 smaller rooms (whereas before I had 1 for both painting and sculpting AND threw some packing peanuts & boxes into the mix to make it all static-y!). I haven't decided where/how I'll be packing much in here - thus far it's been roll with it and see what works.

I have a "studio" dog too as of yesterday. She's taken to following me around and laying at my feet. When I'm doing something she's not allowed to partake in (like cooking) she's decided that laying over by my computer chair is best. ;)

Anyhow, so I really just wanted to post a few quick pics of this guy. I primered him last week to see where he's at. There's some "schlerm" and odd areas where I still need to build up - TONS to smooth out.. and then I get to dive into the detailing.

The horse to his right is a Candidus by Ann Harris - a somewhat large traditional (accurate I think though to 1:9 because he is a WB stallion)... anyhow, just to give some perspective on this boy's scale as a pony sized (14hh) traditional scale himself). The bit of the bust off to the left is an old project that hasn't gone anywhere in a while.. Probably would cost a ton to get cast as it's fairly large so for now his mane has been serving as my spare epoxie depository. ;)

New studio dog candid..

I have more (of both actually) but well right now uploading is a little slow and gave me errors a few times... Her name is Butterbean, she came from the shelter with this name.. it's very southern apparently (and no, I don't believe I've ever had a butterbean actually!). I'm sure I will soon now.. Lessee.. she was a Humane Society shelter dog, she came from a high-kill shelter to the local one - we decided to go with the place that vetted and spay/neutered themselves & pay the higher fee. Because we are all for that sort of thing and for a variety of reasons. There are stray dogs ALL over the place down here. Who knows, we might get another eventually (or soon even) but right now 1 is plenty while we're getting settled.

She's pretty laid back and adaptable. She really is thrilled to have her own possessions. My fiance Oakes took off her collar last night (she came with it) to scratch her neck. She proceeded to take the collar with her into her crate. She was a little disappointed when I took it out (she wasn't chewing on it).. so I had to put it back on her as a compromise. Sincerely, she's a hoarder. I've seen hoarder dogs, they're pretty funny. At least she seems very good about the house breaking and crate stuff so far. She likes her little cave and secure places where she can see us (and have her toys she brings with her). I'll be keeping an eye on territoriality of course too. So far so good about socializations. No issue with me taking yummy bones away and giving back - or interfering while she tries to eat (actually to put more food in the tiny bowl we have here).

But mostly? I just love the sound of a dog chewin away on it's bones while I work and having 'play breaks' in my workday too! :D

And with that... it's time to get back to work here (ok, well after lunch & another play break!) ... ;)

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Lynn A. Fraley said...

A studio dog, lucky you! Butterbean has a very intelligent look about her, you'll have many good adventures together.

You've got terrific things in the works Morgen! BTW, "scherlm" is my new favorite word! It just makes me smile...