Saturday, May 19, 2012

Max Meets the Welcoming Committee

Kipling (the fearless mini) gets right up in the face of the new stallions on the block... giving a pushy little "gee hello, who are you?" sort of greeting.  I have my very own Pixar stories going on right here! ;)

Just taking a second to share before I leap into boxing & packing madness.   Mostly lately I've been thoroughly immersed in projects I can't share & may be for some time.  Aaaaand I've got a ton to do (just in general) today so I need to get back to it.  But here is a brief shot of life on the shelves for fun!


Char said...

Ahw, how cute! I think this means that you've received your first copies? Haha.
They look awesome!

Morgen said...

Tx Char & yes, that means that my pickup bed is filled with boxes as I type ... off to the PO with me. Yours is in the next pickup load full though... (few more days I believe - next batch arrives tomorrow). But very soon now! :D

Morgen said...

(my pickup has a cap so it's safe & dry back there now too!)