Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Has a New Logo! :)

 And yet another domain name too…

Soooooooo this past week I finally stepped up and finalized a logo for myself.  This is what I shared with my yahoogroup and email subscription list about that;

Introducing “Kilbourn Studios”!


Yes, it really is the same as artbymorgen.com and (because the man registering it for me made this very common ‘a’ in my name mistake!) artbymorgAn.com… lol!

Ah but see I do nooooow have a logo. (Ok, ok, anticlimactic – sorry!)  Finally after a decade I decided it was high time to get myself a logo. No no, in truth, you’ll see from my “coming soon” clinky page why I needed to get off my duff & finally make one…  and since I’ve signed all my sculpted works with this MK merged symbol it just seemed a natural transition to use that as a logo.  As for the studio incorporation into the name ->  Art By Morgen Studios didn't work so well (nor fit so well onto a decal).  But again, the logo & new name truly are more for consistency in the long term with the logo/shortened decal.  Nothing monumental.  Just formalizing it finally! :)

A little background here, I find this lack of logo for so long ironic due to my work in graphics design.  Of the 8 years I worked at that biotech company, for 4 of them my life seemed to be ALL about logos, (yes ok, well the first four in the labs BUT the last 4 years were as the web & print materials do-it-all gal for the marketing & investor relations and corporate communications department).  In that position, my job literally was all about implementing branding into everything and anything we could, from the wall street stuff down to company tee shirts and pens for picnics (they call this stuff “swag” in the industry – give aways with your logo all over them – something I can’t really do much though of course..).  However in honor of formalizing it for china maker’s marks, thusly, I have sashayed forth today & begun the branding process on my website and eventually will as well in my materials as I order new supplies. At least in the digital space it can happen in a flash! Woot! :) 

Some examples of it;

 I closed my notices with this thought.. Believe me this irony of having so many forms of websites/emails isn’t lost on me.  I will be keeping the website addresses of (yes another!) http://www.one-horse.net/  too, even though for years I’ve been phasing that out except for my email.  See that one is really only holding my email address there (and a couple of contacts) from my personal freelance graphics & web design business days.  It’s like moving &  doing address forwarding.  Somethings only come to you every few years & then the fwds are gone & you never hear from those again.  It’s that sort of dilemma for me.  Finding (remembering!) things from the 90’s that come to that email address every once in a while – on behalf of other businesses I did work for. You see there are a lot of other people’s sites tied in with that email as a contact (so in a nutshell that’s one big reason I can’t toss it easily).  I haven’t decided how to transition.  It’s really not all that monumental an issue -> ALL of my contacts come into the same inbox except the yahoo address.  So don’t worry about the best way to contact me.    And please don’t laugh too hard at me & my many many addresses…!  Cheers guys!


Danielle Feldman said...

Love it! Very classy.

Morgen said...

Tx Danielle - it's nice to hear that, I worry it's really boring/practical.. so thanks!