Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dapples in the white part of the coat!

How could I leave this off of the last post - it's AMAZING! (to me anyhow)... Just like I'd only see faint reverse dapples on one of my chestnut horses for a few months of the year when the winter coat was coming in & he stood "just so"... I'll bet Kylee's horse "Gunny" here doesn't have this visible all that easily all the time.  It's not dirt (but he was dirty and cranky & we were running out of sunset light -> that seems to be key).

Check him out;
 Look to the barrel around where the saddle skirt would be/just below the colored marking on his back.  Also across the top of his rump these are faintly visible.  It's subtle but it's undeniable.  Mind you he wasn't the stillest horse I photographed so I consider it lucky we got these! :D  He was ready to "go!" please. ;)


Barb said...

How cool! Congrats on having this captured on a photo. I've seen this on my own horse a few winters back, and wasn't able to bann it on a pic. Could also mean that it doesn't show up every winter.
Very pretty horse :)

Unknown said...

Do you recall the skin color under the white where the dapples appear?

Morgen said...

Honestly I didn't get that close (he was anxious) and would have to defer questions to Kylee (you can reach her through here; )

She did just mention in a forum that he is a straight haired curly (a key point I forgot to mention!)... and that he's also a frame, sabino, roan, creme.

Morgen said...

Tx Barb & I agree, she's got some gorgeous horses there! I juyst wish my camera skills were better - I tend to just point & hold the shutter down on burst half the time and pray!

Cindy said...

It's most likely texture dappling (and in this case, perhaps enhanced with a bit of dust) It can happen on any color and is only visible from certain angles. I just got a picture of a fully white-ed out grey Lipizzaner who has texture dapples right now in the same place, I'll have to dig it out of my phone. He has absolutely no colored hairs left, they're all white. He has dark skin but starting to have lots of depigmentation speckles all over (and the hair comming out of them is slightly textured too)

Morgen said...

Think you are probably right Cindy. I had a horse with reverse dapples that only showed in certain light during the fall... and I always suspected it was pilory skin since it was always when the evening cool temps rolled in.. (sunset!).

You should TOTALLY post your Lippy pics on the blab thread I started though; thus far I've only seen or heard of it in pintos.