Friday, October 19, 2012

More from me getting out and about!

Like most artists, part of the job is getting out there locally in various situations.  Last weekend there was an event at the Carolina Horse Park that was pretty neat;  a "Flurry (skeet I think?) shoot".  Dog training and birds of prey were also featured.  There were carriage rides too.  It was a very small event really but a lot of fun! 

So this sculpture was one I started to have something canine to show for myself... all of my pet sculptures so far have been one of a kind works that were generally gifted to the owners.   I'm not sure where this guy is going but I'd love to do bronze or cold castings of him & sell a few.  We'll see!  Meanwhile, I took this photo just now for The Pilot which runs a photo to go with Hollyhock's Gallery's "Artist at Work" afternoons.  Yup! Another local venue that I do once a month or so;  the artists in the gallery take turns for the afternoons.  There's a local cooking class in the same building that makes it torture! (& brings in a lot of customers to the gallery between that and the wine tasting in the next room).  Anyhow, so anyone in the Pinehurst NC area, please feel free to drop by!

Anyhow, a few scenes from last weekend here too (maybe there will be some birds of prey in my future portfolio!). ;)
Welsh ponies if I remember correctly - I had a most wonderful chat with a local fellow who's an active member in the very active local driving club.

A Russian owl.  Really exceptionally interesting to watch.  She was hanging out just a few feet behind me with several falcons all day long too.

 My booth, and there I am off to the side... and below I snuck off to try this shotgun thing.  It's nothing I'm too wild about - apparently I find objects coming at me easier to shoot than things passing by.  I hit 2 out of 10 which is fine for my first time. My grandmother had many shooting awards, it was kind of neat.  Me?  Meh.. I've always been an archer. Anyhow though, for what it's worth. :)
And there you have it!  Scenes from an artist out and about in the fall.  Just sharing something a little different here. :)


Char said...

You really should try to sell some copies of the jumping dog =D I, for one, would love to have one (if he's tradi sized, I've forgotten your answer!) (And if he's not overly expensive, haha).

Morgen said...

Tx Char! :D He's actually bigger than 1:9 scale actually.. more like 1:6 really... aaaaaaaaaand probably won't be so great for painting. However I still might sell some in unfinished resin... good food for thought! :)