Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Still Taking Name Ideas..

Since I haven't decided fully on the tiny Andalusian's name, I just wanted to let folks know it's still open.  I have several names here as final choices but another could still sway me.  It's unbelievably hard to decide (in general, for me it always is with any sculpture).  They're all great ideas.  It just has to speak to me in ways I can't quantify or explain. 

I'll post a couple more pics here if it helps any.  I use these to decide on many things.. such as where to continue to refine.  With minis this small you almost can't refine them enough.  Soooooo back to it..
Please submit name ideas on the last post though, not here.   Tx guys and sorry to torture you with my own personal torture!  At least I can make it worthwhile to someone though!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Rowan Campbell (Krazee4Breyers on Blab)


Anna.S said...

I think Milo would be an adorable name

Anna.S said...

I think Milo would be a cute name, or Mooris

Clare said...

What about 'Pimiento'? It is Spanish for Pepper, or maybe 'Pimientito' because he is only a mini?! :-)

Schleich Lover 135 said...

Alejandro would be so cute!