Friday, September 27, 2013

Married, AAEA Board Appointment, Pixel & more..!

I have a large number of big announcements here so brevity would probably be best... but these brief summaries below are in no way reflective of how excited I am about each! 

First and foremost, on Mon Sept 23rd at sunset in the front yard of our farm I married my best friend, a man I've been with since January of 2004.  I will be taking his name but professionally I will still be "DBA" (doing business as) "Morgen Kilbourn".  As we are both practical types we had a short honeymoon at a local state park, and I hope that absolutely nothing else changes! :D It's been a great 9.75 years so far and I'm looking forward to many many more equally wonderful decades with him! :)

Second big announcement:  on Sept 14th I was elected to the American Academy of Equine Art's board as the Dean of Sculpture! This is such a tremendous honor but also an equally weighty responsibility.  For those not familiar with the Academy, (AAEA), one of their stated goals is that " AAEA serves to educate and encourage a broad awareness and appreciation of contemporary equine art as a specific and distinctively worthy segment of fine art in America".  Many commercial and model horse sculptors have had their work featured in past AAEA shows, this isn't surprising to me as often a well done sculpture can be appealing in many mediums and venues.  At any rate, I would like to take a bit more time to compose a more thorough outline of some of my goals to bring into the roles of helping to oversee the shows and implementing some old and new teaching venues.   I also hope to bring some new technology ideas to the table and help in small ways with the website as well.    I will be doing another workshop in the spring, this time I believe it will be held in the Kentucky Horse Park.  Details are being worked out on that and also will be forthcoming in the next month or so!  For now you can see an updated list of all board members and a short biographical of the newly elected president here;

Speaking of upcoming engagements:  next weekend (Oct 7th) I will be a guest judge at Laura Behning's 26th annual (wow huh!!!) SouthCon show in Covington GA.  Then  on November 2-3, 2013 I'll be a judge in my old stopping grounds of New England at the Region X Regional Championships.

Lastly, my little Andalusian mini now has a name:  "Pixel"... I loved this name the moment I saw it!  Thank you to Jordan B (please contact me Jordan if you see this!) for the suggestion... there were so many great ideas and my list of possibles kept growing and growing, most were Spanish in origin.  However I wanted something unique that grabbed me and embodied "tiny" too, which this did right off the bat for me.   Anyhow, back to working on him at the moment!  I'm hoping to be wrapped up in a few weeks here!

Wishing everyone a lively fall as well!  All the best!!!

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Larry Nichols said...

Congrats on the appointment, marriage and especially judging at TRXC. I can't wait to see you! Larry

timaru star ii said...

Ever so many congratulations! No wonder I was thinking of you... A beautiful life. I like Pixel; it has an x, just like Maxixe.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Morgen and Best Wishes to both of you!
And congrats to Jordan with "Pixel". :-)
Looking forward to "Q" ;-)

Jordan B said...

Congrats! On everything! You know it took me a while to realize what happened lol then I scared everyone in the house xD thank you Morgan!