Saturday, October 26, 2013


I'm really overdue for some posts here.. things got very busy for a bit and I'm sure the next few weeks will continue to leave me behind on a lot of things...  for now, let me introduce the final sculpture:  PIXEL!  :D
There is a full gallery on his website /  ordering page:

aaaaand the gallery alone is
I'll leave it at that for this post.. on to compose my other post for the day really quickly! ;)


Jordan B said...

Aww he's so darn cute!Seeing That picture of him in your hand made me really realize how small he is, how do you sculpt anything that small!?

Morgen said...

Tx Jordan! Again I owe you thanks too for the great name idea!!! I liked SO many but fortunately this one just grabbed me when it came in. Tx for playing & enjoy your copy there! (well, in a few weeks anyhow...) ;)