Monday, July 23, 2007

It's been really hard to sculpt or type..

Last week I got a very bad rope burn on my right hand when a friend's horse lunged at the farrier, (who was holding my donkey), running btwn myself and the boarder's horse I was leading. Pretty interesting stuff I suppose (wild 'when animals attack' behavior). The attacking horse has been out to pasture and is incredibly mellow usually, but he's become obsessively attached to my new donkey apparently (attacking horse is also currently in the process of getting placed elsewhere fwiw). Anyhow, I foolishly held the rope too long hoping to thwart the attack. Dumb dumb dumb. Everything has been a real pita since then. Really gross looking too so I'll spare the details. My hand's ok to use wrapped in vet-wrap but that doesn't make for easy typing or sculpting. At least I'm a lefty half the time.

Anyhow, so here's some updated pics. I'm just going to share rather than go into futher explanations on what's happened to them in the past week. :)

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