Saturday, July 14, 2007

Primered, gallery, more of the same.. ;)

Full gallery of her in progress status here;

She leeeeeeeeeeeeans a lot more now since previous pics. It's interesting how it takes away a lot of the distortion on the right side. Of course the extended left leg will always look short when seen to the right and loooong in photos to the left. Not much you can do about that except measure excessively every bone from the shoulder to the coffin bone. ;)

I'm starting to see shapes that fit the feeling; for example her mouth shape. It doesn't show b/c the lighting is laughable around there but I've found the perfect "pucker" of effort. Other stuff hasn't fit into place yet, for example the ears are still not coming to me. I have raging debates with myself about the breath of her neck in a few spots. Her feet, well.. ya. See, there's a LOT left for the leg refinements. All the same, helpful to see these.

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