Monday, July 30, 2007

testing testing..

I've been unable to log in easily anywhere/get a reliable internet connect. Sooooo the rarer text only pages come through but complicated actions like posting/getting email are a farce right now. I've stopped swearing, I'm so used to this BS since I've moved to the sticks. Bottom line is I've been incommunicado as of late Sunday morning (around 11am I think is when it started). Waiting for the Comcastic team to figure it out. -snort- Comcast "high speed".. Get this! Comcast fellow yesterday tells me they can come out in 5 days to "take a look at my modem & lines". Since I've lived here they've needed to "take a look" at these many times. coughcoughthisisbullsheetcough! So I tell the man that that's just not acceptable & I'm not tearing up my apartment to dig out the wires that haven't moved - it's clearly outside of the apt building anyhow. No go on the home inspection upheaval or a sooner date -> he tells me I can "upgrade to a business account to get better service, then they can see me usually immediately".

I kid you not. Pay more to make the simple service you want WORK.

What the flock man. Bite me Comcast.

I told the man the only upgrade to "improve my service reliablity" was going to be with a different company's service.

Anyhow, I have spent some of Sunday trying to scour around looking for security vunerabilities but the issue is pretty clearly seen by the lack of lights most of the time on my modem. Being that I live in the sticks, there's a good chance a neighbor somewhere just got cable and is overloading an archaic switchboard at some Comcast box somewhere nearby. That's how they've "fixed" it in the past. I'm done with overturning my house (tiny apartment) to let some new dude trace it back to the wall. What a crock.'

In the meantime yesterday some very scattered strong but haphazard T-storms popped up around the state. I relied on friends to let me know if they were approaching the barn. It's only a few miles away but I can look out my window and see a sunny sky and over only valley they're getting slammed with fire and brimstone practically. Most afternoons this summer have been spent making hourly checks on the radar. (*@$#&@# comcastic.

Anyhow, for the time being I'm typing this and will save it until Comcast's relay feels like letting me through. A photo would be far too much to pass through the wimpy connection I've got at this moment.
____ That was yesterday's deal, now for today's situation if I can get this online______

I noticed that I started getting full bars on my modem late this afternoon, but not much more luck getting signals out to the world. I called Comcast again to ask this time if the signal was stronger (or was it my firewall updating/blocking). Comcast signal still really crazy weak/patchy.

So the guy I'm talking to today tells me the funniest thing: he uses DSL.

Now that is Comcastic. hahaha! You go you corporate giant there with your call centers around the world where your employees are required to make up fake Americanized names while they read from a useless script. Clearly you score big points with your workers too, his English was perfect and thus he had no problems being perfectly candid...

Anyhow, I'm so tickled to have a box to type in right now. Ok, lets see if all these strange foreign bars on the modem are worth anything now!
--------that is all until I can share these fun photos..-------

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