Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I have a thing for spots..

Can you tell?

That's another base coat just being started (started yesterday). And you probably won't see this horse again either until it's done... which could be ages from now truthfully.

This is only the third color I've picked for this sculpture I did in 2005. I came across many mustangs with the roaned out overo coats in my referencing of the sculpture itself and have been wanting to do this one for a while. And I love the sabino-esque roaning that goes along with these types of mustangs so often. You wonder are they grey? Are they roans? And of course since it's usually a feral horse not so many people ever know.

Hmm lessee what else I can update on. The 3 other painted horses I showed btwn Aug and now are coming along. So are Hazel and the classic scale Morgan gelding there. Every day I sit down with Hazel first in the morning and apply some "patching" as I like to think of it. Little nooks and crannies and details smoothing out. Then I take whatever Apoxie is left over (not much usually) and build up that Morgan's right side (which is starting to be less skeletal too). Then I give each horse that's dried in the painting cabinet some attention. Until something is really ready to focus on for longer. That appy dinky is really coming out well and will probably be ready the soonest. Then there's the champagne overo Enviado who's color in oils is nearly properly champagne luminescent enough to me once the body coat is smooth and I can't find any spots I'll turn to the mane and tail.. & then seal him up .. & thenb start working the overo pattern back to the right feathering. Then the wee details.

Anyhow, it's late, I ramble. I haven't seen any spiders here at the computer when I've been back over here but I'm still intrepid about em. ;)

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