Monday, October 15, 2007

Quick Hazel check up..

I decided to do this for my own sanity - the multilayers get a little hard to discern, I don't think I'd make the best marble sculptor.. conversely clay is SOooooo much easier b/c of the uniform color. Despite using a gray primer that matches the Apoxie Sculpt I still get a marble effect when I start sanding, and the same goes for any layers below. So far white has been the one color that doesn't do this marble-izing over layers; however it's so sticky and pasty I just stick with the neutral color (which is cheaper too).

Anyhow, camera batteries ran out before I could adjust the lighting so I only snapped off these really quick. To compensate for the washed out detail I popped em into photoshop to contrast the heck out and answer some questions I had while I was at it... here ya go:

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