Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why is NOVA not on right now???

Programmers are cruel. TV is just really irking me these days... According to the online info THIS is supposed to be on right now:
The Ghost in Your Genes - Nova
An examination of the gatekeeper role played by the epigenome, which can shape everything from whether people develop diseases to whether they are fat or slim by turning on and off specific genes. Also: how a person's habits---good and bad---may affect future generations.
Well instead I am looking at UConn Husky discussion. All the other stations are playing what they are supposed to. Growl.

While I sit here I played with an overlay that is really a terrible match. The real horse looks to be an Arabian and the photo is taken at an angle to which I have no good corresponding angles... but I made this anyhow;

I think what interests me most is that the real horse has those jaw muscle lines you occasionally see in some breeds at some times. I like the look as it depicts more heart and soul in the effort but am not so sure it's appropriate for a thicker build. Although that Halflinger pony I posted a month back had some of it so I suppose I just may sculpt in some of those. Anyhow, the photo comes from this page:

MAN am I frustrated at PBS right now (CPTV). It's so rare something I'm really wanting to see is on during the day while I'm working in the studio .. well given my few channels in the sub-basic cable options. Growl.

Off to work anyhow.. got to keep working on those ears.

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