Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some close ups and status :)

Well I have gotten farther than I’d hoped but sadly I’m going to be really busy with outside work for the next 2 weeks. I hope to accomplish more now that I’ve got ‘the hang’ of the material better than when I worked on dinky duke. It’s a porous material and I’m only working on the right side at the moment. The mane and tail will come last. :) I managed to drop in to Baystate Live yesterday (I had some resins to pick up and drop off), but several people asked about the tail being so narrow, it won’t be in the end. I don’t plan to have it “fluffy” but somewhere in between (not as thick nor as hard to prep as large Bosco was...yes, I've heard your feedback!!). ;) The mane and tail will be done in epoxy and by then the horse will probably be primered at least once to ensure he’s smooth. (I will also probably take more close up photos because I'll need the camera's macros' to help me find flaws!).. Suffice to say he needs to be smoother and MUCH more crisp in detail (I’m sure the photos will tell you as much!) before I have hair details I might sand/chip off and have to redo? Hope that makes sense! Lol!

Wet sanding (solvent actually) helps see where the staggered Objet print lines remain.
(Objet is the laser reproduction method used.. believe it or not it's one of the best methods available... currently... hrmph! lol!)

The main body is easy enough to smooth but even there there’s detail in larger contour emphasis that needs to come back in my estimation

Some crispness on the face now and I’ve hollowed out ONE nostril – lol!

Check out what I get to work with to start at this size!!

(and speaking of, I went to LARGE stablemate, or small Little Bit size. I’ve seen it called both frankly and haven’t had the time to go look up what 3.2” is in hobby scale terms.. he’s a shade smaller than dinky though and a lot less long of course!) ;)

And this last shows crisp detail but how the porous material needs a lot of filling in with primer/sanding/primer etc in order to get a piece worthy of casting. You can also see on his braciocephalis how those staggered lines are.. what a battle eh?! Tons of smoothing AND detailing clearly left to do!

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