Friday, February 20, 2009

I guess it's time for some general updates...

So above is the direction I'm thinking of mane/tail wise for this... gal I suppose (unless the poll changes drastically in the next few days!). It maybe looks farther along from those pics but the off side isn't remotely flushed in yet (just blobs) and really really... lots of measuring & calculating needs doing. That part isn't so fun so yes, I'm just trying to have fun with it at the moment. :)

DONKEY HAS A HOME and he really seems to be doing well there. He left Sunday (we walked him down the road). New owner and I aren't entirely certain of one horse in his new herd... NOT all horses like donkeys. Some can be really mean to them.. fortunately this horse isn't the alpha (the alpha one loves him and they place lip games over the stalls)... donkey may or may not go out with them all ultimately depending on how that goes over time. The bottom line though is that he has a dirt paddock & shelter if need be to share with a friend... or he can go out to run with everyone (the 3 boys) in the field. She's a very diligent new-longear owner and has been reading up on them. Precisely what I'd hoped for. Someone (else -lol!) who would be sure to keep on top of his weight issues & make sure he was in a good spot without being in danger from herd tussles (or mare hormone issues).

All the boarders are gone. My lease ends at the end of the month. I will only be out at that farm now in the capacity of working for the riding center (I still work out there on the other side of the property a few days a week). Lots of horse care belongings to liquidate. Fortunately a tack auction is coming up locally. :)

I've gotten a preliminary pathology report back on my horse. It makes me sad to discuss so far (because he hurt himself on that last day - wacked his head). Anyhow, it's "inconclusive" so far but there are *some* endocrine and brain anomalies. Just not clearly pointing to a specific disorder / pathological issue with a name as of yet. That sucks (that he hurt himself primarily). As I said I'm not ready to go into detail & more tests haven't come back/been written up. I wasn't expecting miracles from it. I want to hug my friends who are biology trained in various fields who've been putting up with discussing it with me. ((tx guys))

In brighter news I've (aside from packing all the time - lol!) have tossed together some medallion ideas as well, and have been getting to know my studio more again in general. It's so funny how easy it is to get up and go run off into it earlier than I used to be able to get myself going most mornings. I guess that's always a sign of not-loving your job when you really drag your feet to get in there. Mostly for me it's something about having to rush out into the cold... although that doesn't explain my plodding in the summer months. It probably also just has to do with the fact that I don't like to drive until I've had at least a big huge cup of coffee coursing through my veins for a while too. NOT a morning person. Just never was.

Someday I'll have my own property and I can keep animals again in an easier to manage set up & simply walk out (coffee in hand even!) and feed. Having horse-house-sat in the past, I have to say *that* is the life for me. ;)

And with that I have a big Post Office day today so I hear my own slave driver whip a cracking! Must get back to work...! :)

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