Thursday, February 26, 2009

Working hard on art at least :)

Well the barn thing (my lease) ends this weekend. It’s starting to make me rather emotional and thus quiet I guess. Closure whether I like it or not. I have lots of items I’ll need to put up on Craigslist or store somewhere. I should be doing that.... uhm... right now. I’ve been there for over a decade (mostly as a boarder before I assumed the lease).. LOTS of stuff… -sighs- Soooo of course this brings out the need to throw myself into art instead. Lol! (I suppose that’s a good thing at least)

I’ve been painting a LOT. No photos yet. Sorry! Dapples mostly and I’m not 100% satisfied on most pieces yet enough to share. I am pretty tickled at how a dinky duke in dapple gray is coming along tho so maybe I’ll share him soon. He wasn’t working out in fleabitten. You couldn’t see the fleabites in most lighting. Hrm… not good to do “lightly” on minis.

This new arabian gal got a lot of rough handling too. Neck cut/shortened a tad. Back cut/lengthened a tad. Some leg proportioning happening now also. I do so have fun with her. I only just noticed today that my poll ended with a vote for girly winning out over there. I’d started a few days ago in feminizing. There are a lot of areas I think I could still use (a lot!) of work on proportionally still just in basic anatomy though…

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