Monday, February 16, 2009

I made a funny for Valentines day...

Well… funny looking for sure…

By the end of last week I really needed a break from reality & this is what I whipped together for my poor poor boyfriend for Valentines day. (His gift to me was more vehicle work and he actually found something serious and dangerous wrong with my ‘rear end’.. ok, that makes me giggle to say…but it was serious! Metal ring broke loose and was sloshing broken chips around .. just waiting to get one fully stuck in the posi-gear teeth & lock up my tires better than an e-brake could.. a ticking time bomb really). He’s still waiting for the right part to come in.

Meanwhile, I just slapped this together and called it a “gift”. I’m a pretty damn lazy girlfriend actually. He also made me some of the best steak ever for dinner. I slapped together some veggies, potatoes and cheese/butter/onions and pretended this was an au gratin of sorts. Also took no time at all. Meanwhile he’s outside cooking in the dark on a grill in the cold.

Ok, in all seriousness? I should really find a market for my little sloppy gesture art sculpts. 1) I love doing it… 2) it takes no time at all since it’s ALL feeling and no real measuring/planning/refining… 3) people SAY they love them. (Mind you 'love em for how much money' is always the question... do people REALLY want to pay money for my sloppy silliness?? lol!) It always seems to me like they should be semi-functional. Book ends or candle holders or .. I dunno.. Something. Etsy would probably be a good place for them but…??? Thus I haven’t done many over the past recent years because I gave them as gifts to family members and I have a big family so it was quite a project to do 20 or so at a time... Some of my faves are here on my "Bio/ Portfolio".

I know there are fun paints that leave stone-surface type texture/variegation. I suppose I should look into it more. They’re very therapeutic to make. I like to give them shy or wry little expressions of mischief. Some are just butt-ugly and strangely cuddly for that reason. And yes, they aren’t for everyone. I’m a big gargoyle fan though. Obviously. ;) Chuckles.

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StoneWolf said...

I think there down right adorable!

I could definately see them cast in like Ceramic maybe?

Id love a chance to paint one. This particular one reminds me of a baby gargoyle, you know, when its still cute and playful before it realizes it has to be scary.