Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sooooo I got the most exciting email today!! :) Check out my new saddle; (<-- click on that! SERIOUSLY - check out the detail in larger images!!!)
(and please give Jana your business – she was pretty reasonable but I’m guessing she’s “found” now, eh?) :D Go Jana!!!

Btw, those gel boots are just WONDERFUL to use – they literally can be stretched over your thumb and popped on/off without any trouble at all..

Other rambles/links, stuff related to showing in performance..Over coffee this morning I decided to invest my online time towards finding pictures of hunters who are showing but have unbraided manes. It’s “fine” by typical hobby standards to have unbraided manes sure… (like you can do much about it with a loose mane mold!). All the same, it makes a difference when one horse is more appropriate than another. And I’m ALLLLLLLLLLLL about documentation for showing them (as a judge too – mind you in my case I judge halter only).

Anyhow, NOVICE HUNTER OVER FENCES. This is what to look for. Hunter Derby is another exciting good one too..


(Eventually I will try to find a picture of a horse in a similar pose to mine too – that’s the other thing I’m pretty uptight about -> I like to make the picture match quite a bit if I’m using a reference with a picture..)

Annnnnd since I need to save my search pictures.. more hunter links where they are unbraided (lower level fun stuff).

The whole gallery from above;

I just liked this b/c of the pose obviously! :)

Pony / cob hunter.. not quite the same thing… but cute!

An obstacle I think I might manage to recreate (this sorta stuff oddly challenges me greatly!)

I just liked this gal b/c of his build, he’s a Clyde cross!

OH and in my googling I found that Hunter Classes offer up something called “Bridle Path Hack” which very often DOES ask for a “hand gallop”. For those who might be interested in knowing such things. :)

And lastly.. a fence that might be within my limited woodworking skillset; (plus it’s pretty low level as stadum fences go which is something else I was looking around for)..

Well that's it for messing around today.. In all honesty I also got out 20 packages to the PO soooo it wasn't all fun and games. ;) Ahhh but boy that certainly put a big smile on my face. :)

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Becky Turner said...

WOAH! ROLF.. When I saw that photo before I read too far I thought you had bought a real horse sized saddle! like you found a used one for a deal and was too good to turn down.. it Looks real in that photo! lol.. I didn't realize it was a "Model" horse saddle until I clicked the link! lol.. wow that is good..I was thinking at first. thats a nice dressage saddle but I didn't think she had a horse anymore.. why did she buy a new saddle? lol and the backdrop she has there.. it all looks so real .. even with a good look at!
I also dont have nay tack... I ahve my jumper I redid for Sommer and Id love to get a set for him and show him. ( I saved me one but still need to paint him!) I also have a few other resins I could use for performance but have no tack! I think I could manage making a jump or two also.. It would be fun! but.. no tack.. I also am looking to trade for a nice tack set but am so busy.. so someday its in my plans.. but good for you in getting such a nice set! just wow is all I can say! hey when they fool the eye of someone who has a real stubben sitting in the tack room! and a few other pretty nice dressage saddles there too.. well thats pretty good! Id love to get a set from her someday... great links by the way! thanks! now I cant wait to see this tack set on your model.. is it made just for hazel? anyways..nice set... congrats!
Rebecca Turner