Monday, September 28, 2009

Silly story here..

Before I launch into it perhaps I should quickly mention that I've been getting a lot done in the studio. I just don't tend to stop & take pictures. Especially when the final smoothing of detail hasn't been done. Right now it's been a matter of going from one thing to the next... finished a mini foal yesterday that just needs fixative & glossed eyes. Maybe pics soon of him? His mom needs a tad more however to some areas though soooo I wasn't in a hurry.

Ok, my silly (really nothing) story here. I was putting away thingsSunday after getting my new tack Saturday. Which of course DID lead to a tacking up and trial timing of myself to put it all on (around 5min, not great but not terribly bad). So as I was putting it all away I realized that I'd never gotten around to braiding a wire into a lasso / lariat. There was a movie on that I wanted to "watch" more of a part of so I sat down and did this. It's nothing great, kinda sloppy really.. all the same, I put the resulting lasso into "Angry Mego Man's" hands, sat him astride a cow in the cabinet to later show off to my man. "Angry Mego Man rides cow whilst twirling magic lasso". So Angry Mego there has missing fingers. Making holding the rope properly in his right hand even harder. So I just wrapped it around his hand to make it stay.

Now every night my guy comes into the studio and I point out the area of some new thing for him to look at (well most nights). Last night I waited to hear what he thought of my little fun lasso. He thought it was neat. But then he turns to me all serious and say "You know it can't be looped around their hands like that though right?". He so gets the whole "game" of our goals.

Anyhow, here are photos I took for Jana of my Hazel all tacked up in her finery. :D Trees were another fun side-project that didn't take too long (and are really sloppy & not entirely finished yet either). It's refreshing to break from grueling dappling or marking mapping/edging work for example to stop and get all messy with glue and foam and have bits of railroad moss stuck all over you. ;)

I will confess that while I put the boots on initially, for the sake of timing I left them off. I'm getting some SMB boots from Corrine of "Shoebox Saddlery" and these are far more likely to be my all-purpose boots. Even if the english division is first, taking off all those many the tiny tiny buckles of the gorgeous leather brushing boots Jana made would take a REALLY long time. And I made my (real life too) typical blonde mistake of putting them on backwards (lace tabs forwards) the first time I tried it too. I used to groom for a bit at a dressage barn & fast tack-ups were the norm. And I went through that all the time there too. Boots, polos, you name it.. don't ask me to slap em on too fast. ;) The boots are just a marvel though too. Oh yeah, my boyfriend admired them and immediately picked up on what a challenge they were to get on too -> he said "you have to buckle up all 4 of those tiny ones for each?" and I explained to him about needing tweezers to catch the tiny tab ends through the tongue of the buckle (like threading a needle). I think he made a comment about crazy things or crazy people (?) ;) and then left before I demonstrated that..

And I've only just begun here. :D

Soon I promise I'll have some cute new HORSES to actually share. Fun and games also has all batteries in the house dying after just a couple of minutes... -sighs- It's one thing to photograph w/flash really fast and another to try and get a decent pic of a color to share or of details in shape where flash totally flattens that away... I avoid shopping whenever possible but it's going to be pretty necessary soon for batteries... :/ Blech!

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