Monday, September 21, 2009

What GREAT advice!

I just needed to share this tidbit from an article that crossed my path today;

In some ways, the art world is far too fragmented. Instead of sharing and cooperating and learning from one another, different artist factions spend their lives tearing each other down and disparaging each other's art. A New York City artist once told me that because of abuses in the limited edition print industry, people should stop buying prints altogether. Is that supposed to include originals by all legitimate printmakers, etchers, and lithographers? Should we ban printmaking? Should we make it a felony? This artist would rather eliminate the industry altogether than study and learn from its marketing successes, and incorporate those successes into his business model.

Just remember that there's no right or wrong art, and as long as sellers don't break the law or engage in deliberate misrepresentation, there's no right or wrong way to sell art. Every single time a fledgling new collector buys his or her first piece of art, no matter what type of art it is, subsequent sales to that collector become easier and easier. That first sale is always the toughest one to make, and congratulations to the artist or dealer who makes it.
Text from"a talk given to artists at the Indianapolis Art Center and to art students at the Herron School of Art at Purdue University, also in Indianapolis. "

How appropriate to our niche, eh?

I really like that he addresses the tendency to dismiss various forms of art as "not valid". Plenty of art fields find that commerical art or hobby art or craft art is 'garbage art' sadly. I think it's all a case of "walk a mile in their shoes" however...

Well anyhow, in follow up to my last post... I've completed stage one of my website/host transfer. I got in, I converted my site to (non-asp/microsoft) html.. and made a simple change to the coloration while I was at it, and then got one domain ( ) pointed over to it. I've got 2 to go and am waiting for the release codes from the old website host. I'm ALSO waiting for a web designer who took over one of my old client's web sites to get back to me about taking over their domains... that last bit will be the ultimate delay I suspect in closing that old host account.

But the new look you see when going to the one-horse domain now should be this;

In a day or three ought to go there too. (hopefully!) :D


Celeste said...

What a wonderful article you shared! It is very often true that certain kinds of art are looked down on by other artists as well as consumers and art collectors. In my mind, I have always felt like art is something that comes from the heart so to whomever created it, what ever it might be, it is art. I'm sure that doesn't make a lick of sense, but that's my take any how - lol!

Morgen said...

Glad you liked it Celeste. :) I've always felt so terrible when someone asks 'how do you become an artist?'. It's really like you say, just make something from the heart. Every time you do that, you make art and you're an artist.

Imo anyhow. :)