Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just quickly I documented the experience..

"New England Performance Challenge" yesterday = Performance showing "take 2"! :) Actually this is the 3rd performance show I've attempted. The first one was 4-5 years ago (4 I think?) & was just one entry. This one was a lot more serious. In fact *I* get WAAAAY too serious about this stuff. At least in planning and forethought. It brings out my competitive streak in the worst way imo. But I just LOVE the wee gidgets and tiny things you get to play with.

All the same, I need to write out a TON of thank you's this time. The last show was a month ago. And I judged halter afterwards. This time I was less "shell shocked". I attempted fewer tack swaps & didn't try to enter both horses in most classes (I could have using the borrowed tack& props available to me). And yet? I still was probably head down & shuffling around like a little troll in a hurry the whole time. omg... what IS it about this? Like I said, I need to thank some folks.

I know a few tack & prop makers would like to hear/see how things looked & went. & thus it seemed easier to make this here album;

Ok, an onto many other things I need to get back to! (none the least of which is painting horses!) :) Fortunately my little wee tools and such are all now really well packed into a rolling cart of drawers. So when I'm working on a sculpture or painting I will know where these things are now. I guess being forced to organize it all (or go mad!) is a good thing. My table at the show tho.. it looked like a bomb went off. Poor Nancy the show holder assumed I'd want to be selling things? HA! I didn't even find the time to take my business cards out and put them in the little business card holder. Uhm yeah... performance showing is definitely a weird disease obsesssion of massive magnitude. Hysterically too -> I was hardly very concerned with placings... it was more a game of what I could get out & together. It's definitely a great way to challenge yourself! That or a serious mental illness that needs a reality show and some Oprah episodes to expose it... ;)

I posted them on the comments but I'll paste the links where credit is due here (I'm sure I'm missing many an item here too - deepest apologies!)...

Donna Hutchins of Shadowcat Studios (bridles & halters!)

Kirsteen Haley (saddles you can't convince people to sell)

Doreen McGuire (jump standards and way cool props!)

Anne St Onge Fields (swears she will never make dolls with removable clothes again) ;)

Jana Skybova (amazing english tack & rubber bell boots everyone in the world can afford & needs!!!)

Corinne Ensor of the amazing SMB boots (shoebox saddlery!)

Soon to be coming home... romel reins attached to a WONDERFUL braid-laden bridle of my own by Heather Abounader of Desert Night Creations

Right now blogger isn't letting me upload an image... interesting. This could be a MAJOR issue for my contest blog tomorrow... hmmmm... well stay tuned. I'll try it here first before getting stuck mid-way through the contest #2 upload. ACK! (later edit: it worked again... hopefully this means no problems for the contest too)...

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