Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can't forget the contest announcement!! (plus more babble)

Gotta take a second to PROMOTE (duh!)! I always forget the blog when it comes to important stuff (hangs head in shame)…

Ok, well I’m holding my contests again this year -> this time I’m cleaning off the shelves (there is no way I’m going to paint all of my AP dinky dukes and Flitwicks). I’d asked the casters to make a couple more too to replace seconds I wound up selling on my group (discounted) rather than keeping as the edition #s reflected. Normally I try to keep around 10 for myself when the whole edition is said and done. Long story short, after painting 4 Flitwicks I have only 1 left (there were 2 that I’ve painted weren’t from my own stock of 10). Eek! Mini’s break in transit so easily when sent in big bunches to ya. There really is no point to this ramble I suppose… :-P Uhm yeah.. nope. Forgot my point..

BOTTOM LINE -> check it out! You can win minis!

Contest #1 for da painters! (but owners win too)

Contest #2 for da owners to get creative!

And while I’m at it, I should report that the bitty bosco edition continues to dwindle down.. under 20 castings left.

Lastly! Gotta share quickly an Echo medallion I made for my dad & aunt. My dad leaves this coming week to drive across the country to AZ by way of NC (where he will stop to see my youngest brother in Charlotte). My dad has been torturing us with stories that would curl your hair about his preparations… this year he tells me he is certain he will be “just fine” with his car because “he only needs to use the brakes about 10 times for the whole trip”. You didn’t read that wrong. (He doesn’t think the brakes are bad mind you, it’s just that he’s playing contingency planner – I’m more worried about something transmission or engine cooling wise breaking down on him) I can’t comment when he says things like this. We all (his children) close our eyes and pray often for him. What can I say. He leads “the life” many men dream about (being a wanderer.. eating and drinking and being merry). We just have to be happy for him and hold our breath. Sadly (since this is the first time he’s had good reception on his cell phone in about a month), I had to tell him about my aunt Ellen dying a few weeks back and my other aunt being in the hospital (she is out now but it’s all rather stressful/upsetting). I'm hoping he gets a chance to go visit them before he leaves.

Meanwhile, my aunt that he’s going to see and stay with for the winter (HIS sister not my mom’s), is his older sister and she’s in her 90’s. (She's 20 something years older I believe?) Rock on Aunt Dorothy!! She’s the one a few folks might remember me talking about a ways back over my Joe Reed sculpture (she and her hubby Bert would have my dad stay with them for a few summers). Bottom of this page; (you can read about them and the sculpture - still very much in progress there because it's HUGE on the bottom of that page) ... I got to go to Bert’s induction ceremony a few years ago and it was quite an honor. My cousin Cliff (who is my father’s age because it’s all VERY confusing thanks to the prolific nature of the men in the Kilbourn lineage.. –sighs-).. anyhow, he made the speech. Sadly this was the last time I’ve seen Dorothy in person. I need to get out there again too… isn’t there always so so very much we would like to do? -sighs- Most amazing and inspiring woman. (big warm fuzzy smiles)

(I'm going to take a gamble that dad and Dorothy aren't going to see this before tomorrow by posting it.. no one go tell them though, eh? tx!) ;)

ANYhow, sooooooo a busy weekend this weekend! In a few hours I get to go watch Skye and Steve get married (Skye is a long time hobbyist who sometimes makes funny comments here on my blog at me about this horse I gave her that she continues to call “your horse” whenever he’s naughty - read " Recipe For Disaster's" comments in this post she is such a brat!!) :D… eee for them!!! (after I’ve given them their gift I’ll post it up here to share).. And the tomorrow I say goodbye again to dad for the winter. And see my sisters too for the first time in a year. Crazy season coming up here.. ack!

& Really though, there is lots of other good stuff getting wrapped up in the studio but again, no pictures for now. I’ll save it for when I’m serious about getting good ones. Ok – gotta go get dressed up now.. eek!

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