Saturday, October 10, 2009

One of many things I've been working on... :)

My camera batteries won't let me recharge them hardly at all anymore sadly... anyhow, so you may recognize this backdrop from another artist... ;)

Anyhow, I have 3 horses that are nearly wrapped up here, several that are coming along fast! Woohoo!! But this guy is actually JUST basecoated barely right now. I have many layers over this. I really wanted that translucent dapple look around the fleabites he's going to get. Fleabites are something you mostly see the detail in close up. I wanted him to be eye catching from a greater distance thus the depth thing... and the layers to come. I'm just waiting now on his owner to tell me if he's to be more like 1 horse or another now.

I really found a technique that works for me for dapples. In oils thus far I've only been satisfied and sold 1 to date iirc? I'm really not liking oils for making dapples from scratch. They add depth to them.. but for me they just get too muddy OR stark.. I'm digging this. Liesl takes a wonderful photo but she was frustrated that she couldn't quite capture the dapples right either. Which imo is how I want them... like women's silk stockings, they have 'depth'. Lets hope I don't screw it up from here. I have earlier pictures before this layer of white (and airbrushy blacks) went on. Again tho, couldn't get my own dang camera to stay on long enough even for 1 pic taken to show how. Sorry! I'm not sure I want to give up my technique anyhow. Expect to see more dappled things from me in the future though when I clear out my backlog. ;)

Well here's something in progress finally anyhow.

& Yes really. I consider it a base coat still. It's far too grainy & stark in spots, even if it wasn't scheduled for a fleabite makeover. :D Needs more layers to smooth out the grainy & more highlights in some parts too.

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