Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I've been up to lately..

Well primarily it's been these two horses;

Neither are great photos but you get the idea. I have a couple of others in progress too but far less photogenic at the moment. At least with the mapped out appy here for example you can tell what basically he'll be in the end. :)

Other things are clearing out trash, reorganizing some things, and I fixed/revamped a few things too. General housekeeping finally being addressed.

Not nearly as exciting as fun videos but there ya go! :)


SavvyRogue said...

Morgen I love him! Can't wait to see my Bitty with his new skin!

Lee Ann Hunsinger

Morgen said...

Oh I just spied your thread/pic of him! Very cute Lee Ann!!! Maggie did some amazing detail work there (wow!). :D