Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Presention is everything!

This is actually something I've been thinking on in the last 24hrs as something has come up. The pros and cons of a spiffy presentation. What cons could there be you ask?

hahahah... glad you did! The first one I thought of here is this you tube video of a "feel good" vacation story... when presentation can be misleading...

I saw this remade trailer of "The Shining" there some years ago on youtube and apparently now a whole genera of movie trailer spoofs now exists! Some more fun ones below;

As for the pros of a well done presentation. Well at the moment I'm not able to discuss it but soon enough I will. :)

Ok, ok... in all seriousness, I think presentation of professional matters is exceptionally important. Clear and obviously NOT misleading presentation (dispite the above goofs). The twisting around of the true stories above (hopefully you're familiar with at least one of those in reality?) at least show how the media bytes we are innudated with daily so easily distort the truth. I've witnessed personally one interview-gone-awry in real life after a boss of mine had an interview that was (personally it sure seemed intentional too) misquoted and really achieved the result of completely misrepresenting his words & the company he was speaking on behalf of. I tend to be quite skeptical of the media and still I get "taken" sometimes mind you.

Ah but again I digress into the pitfalls of it. Presentation is really a GOOD thing when done right imo. And more on why I've thought about that so much in the past day or so soon enough..! :)

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