Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where did I go???? lol! :D

Well I've been quite busy lately wrapping up things all over the place.. for instance this fellow who's sat "almost done" for over a year now.. he's getting a few final touches...

And also on the painting bench a # of other horses have been getting lots of attention now however I don't want to share so much as they're commissions and I'd like to wait until the exciting details are more thoroughly covering them.. how's that for vague? lol!

I haven't been totally sucked into Facebook, don't worry! I turned off every game app I spied. Mostly my participation there has been the few random sentences or so.. skimming what people are up to & just hitting "like"for the most part. Don't worry blog readers/anti-FB peeps! I really haven't posted much of interest over there except tidbits about day to day minor thoughts that aren't honestly worth posting here (like a grumble about my book on tape CDs that I listen to skipping.. things I hardly find worth making a blog post about basically). THAT said, here's a synopsis of the last week or two that I realized I was remiss in sharing here;

New website look ( was put up on Valentine's day when I made Iaret available to the general public. AND I'm excited to learn tongiht that she'll start shipping tomorrow - woohoo!

And I did have another "sales piece' moment (one evening) where I started a base coat on one of 3 Hazels I got back from prepping.. although lord only knows when I'll return to this gal - these were photoshopped on where I wanted to airbrush the remaining white blending of the basecoat.. The actual horse isn't that much different (less piggy eyed - my photoshop coloring here wasn't so hot)

Think you get the gist of that hopefully tho. :D

Anyhow, other than that, nothing remarkable has gone on over here except a lot of nose-to-the-grindstone work really. The weather has been pretty interesting - full of variety. Gorgeous over the weekend and then miserable sleet-snow-and now rain (but going back to sleet and snow tonight). Seems like half the country has been rather odd/cold or otherwise unseasonable/unpleasant. We're still planning on moving in mid-April. There's a show around here in late March that I might just try to attend, although I'm sadly being exceptionally frugal due to the move costing thousands. So we'll see about that. I really should go - even just as a visitor.

And that's about all the news that really isn't! :D Hope everyone else out there is having fun and staying dry/warm whichever you like best!

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