Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wow. "Did you feel that too?"

So I was in the studio this morning when I thought a truck hit my apartment building.. glancing out at the windows I see nothing. No horses toppled from their shelves... and a short while later sirens go on by.

I had to wrap up what I was doing with epoxy before it set and then I called my fiance. He had the same experience at his workshop (7 miles away but closer to the explosion site). He thought something exploded in the building he shares. Went around outside to see more and saw the horses in the field next to him looking off to the distance where big billowing clouds of smoke were pluming... helicopters zooming in.. etc.

And I just got off the phone with my new-mommy friend there and they (about 10miles south of me), had the same experience to a slightly less degree.

I'm just wondering now how many folks who might read this might have felt it. The reports of "feeling the explosion" were about 20 miles away I've heard so far. It appears 300 people work there at any given time so I hope I don't know anyone hurt in this. I know they've been sending in emergency vehicles from 5 surrounding cities. The plant is about 5 miles away from me but it's an area I know pretty well. We looked at a house for sale just a half mile from the plant site only last year actually, the windows on it must be shattered I'd think.

Anyhow, not much of an exciting report here. Just curious to know if anyone else who might live here in CT felt it. & Of course I hope there aren't too many casualties there.

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