Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I joined Facebook today..

This was my first test upload into an album on it. The poor cut up fellow from the last post is back together and has a fun pretend tail for now (I may rip that off later to get at things in ithere and smooth them out).

ANYHOW.. wow.. Facebook.. yeah..
My mind is officially.. overwhelmed with it.

Before I was done signing up it seemed to have feeds to know who my friends were (that's rather creepy). And then I was just plain innundated.

ANYHOW, I did so because I know how much of a pain it can be to surf through blogs. So this (I think?) will allow for me to have my notes as a feed. I dunno. Maybe I'm supposed to do a feed somewhere else. A friend promised me that tomorrow she'd show me how to make a Studio Page. That option was not given to me immediately and I just got sucked in as an individual and bombarded - lol! Wow. You should see my expression over here. I'm just shocked at it all.

Well for now I can't even figure out how to link to it all. If you're looking for me on there you can search by my email addy for it;

Adding on - here's one more:

From 2 weeks ago when we got an all expenses paid trip down to the Tampa area for fiance's mom's wedding. It was over 60 degrees out... returning home to sub zero wind chills was HARD! lol!


Carol H. said...

If you make a page, then people can subscribe to the RSS feed for that page.

Morgen said...

Waves to Carol :) well I made a 'group'.. but I see that I need to do some work for the RSS feed.. I will see what my options are there. TX! :D