Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another one of these now, yes... ;)

Just when I thought "well that was it for a while" in performance showing after this past weekend...

Honestly, this performance stuff is utterly terribly addicting! I know.. yet another wordy blog entry on this subject. No seriously! I just got a few more absolutely astounding pieces in the past few months that I was just itching to "use". I live for the day when I've got enough space to have little miniature scenes on shelves where I can admire these marvelously detailed little works of tack and such ALL the time. Sincerely. Right now shelf space is at a premium and painted/finished horses are tucked safely away anyhow. Meanwhile, I'm just still terribly obsessed with using it all ..every time a show is remotely close enough to go to.

I managed to drop the notion of the implausible trail bridge this time around. Instead, settling on being fool enough to try using two tacked up horses for one scene/entry. Despite taking 2x as long to set up I enjoyed it mightily. I look at them and envision this cute little couple out for a ride getting competitive and ultimately you know the gal wins. ;) The really goofy part is now I'm not at all concerned with placings and some of my favorite entries didn't get anything! So I sit there and whip it all together in the 5min we're alloted.. go "done!" (hands up woot!) and then all for what? Taking a picture for myself I guess? lol! Swear to god I wish I knew..

My big innovation for this one was making the disposable gloves for the roping riders. I took Saran Wrap, painted one side with gesso lightly. Used sticky wax on their hands and cut it out roughly to size, then sorta smooshed/tweezed it into place. Then I took a little light blue Sharpie and drew finger lines. It came off really easily too afterwards for the next class. I suppose another color glove could've been used but my references had white gloves so I figured that oughta work and I guess it did. :) Figured I'd at least share something that might help someone else here... a closeup of that;

Well anyhow, I thought this was my last show this year most likely. Until today. When I'd last looked at the NAMHSA shows by region section there was nothing within 5hrs of where I'll be in Reg 6 this time next month. (http://namhsa.org/membershowsbyregion.htm). Well SHOOT tho - NOW there's one with a MASSIVE and WILDLY exciting performance list just 2hrs from me there... You know I should go... I need to get out and meet new people and support these shows. I'm a big believer in supporting things locally leading to better things for all.

Sadly when I am performance showing I'm terrible company still. Which leads me to wonder if I shouldn't just try to attend solely to meet people and skip doing performance.. and the devil on my other shoulder says "are you kidding??!!". Uhmm hmmm yeah... BUT perhaps this time around I'll aim to be a little less 'go hog wild' doing it all.. doing only 4 or 5 classes.. Yeah.. No really though, I'm just a useless troll - and a real bore when I'm into this zone .. still.. I really TRIED this last show to keep my ears more open but I have a feeling I was clueless and antisocial as usual.

I did get the joke when Marisa kept telling me "they aren't running away Morgen". See I tend to hold my shirt pockets when I'm thinking because I tend to put things in them and thus well.. you get the picture. Marisa is good for telling it like it is - tx chica! I need to work on that one...!

I tried to be silly to keep myself from getting too to harried. The racing couple was sorta silly imo. Then my last entry (sans tack), well here's the documentation & they're my last pictures in the album;

(feel free to borrow that for your own documentation - pics are online under "Lorenzo the flying frenchman")

Well here are my various entries, sadly I have many many hasty blurry outtakes on the few other entries I remembered to try and photograph. I'm still doing the thing where I try to spot flaws after the fact for my own self-improvement (and I found many - I'm pretty critical of myself!);

As for my super exciting new stuff that I just don't want to put away into storage for a year... The western saddle set you see there is by Kirsteen Haley.

The close up on the braided bridle is a swap I did for reining so I could use Heather Moreton-Abounader's amazing new work there! (She's "Desert Night Creations")

Then the cross country doll is by Jane Schneider (Glyn Haven Studios). I just love that her braid flies back like that!

The new sweater doll... this is by Anne (formerly St.Onge) Fields... I posted about it to FB -> I was showing my fiance these show pics here and he goes "HOW MANY OF THESE DOLLS DO YOU HAVE NOW!!" (hangs head in shame). Yay that he's paying attention but he's on to my silly addiction... he knows! -sighs- Anyhow, we were having a blast with this doll - Anne carefully added on 'back' to her so she's just little miss bodacious there! (And sits more firmly in the saddle which is the point although I put her into a half seat).

Last but not least was a trade I did to get the neato patriotic tack set by Lydia of A.L.E. Ranch (aleranch.com). The flag wasn't included but it was one of the first "props" I'd purchased with the hopes that someday I'd have a set to go along with it.

Well back to attending shows and any future plans.. I google mapped around to some other shows but the 2nd closest was the Chincotegue show which is 6hrs away.. so well, we'll see. I'm not trying to quit, but maybe just slooow down a little.. ;) It's been 6 shows since last August that I've SHOWN at. Normally prior to that I'd attend 3-4 a year and show a couple in the breed classes but primarily just visit and set up a little mini store (and mostly leave it unattended while I wander around and gab). But now that I suddenly made my own to keep and show.. ack!) However the New England shows just keep coming and coming - http://www.regionxnation.com/ - 9 of these are within 2hrs of me and the others are under 4 (more like 3hrs). We are spoiled in Region 10!... Maybe I can start helping to make more shows in the Carolinas. That would be a lot of fun - I've been wanting to host one myself but I'd probably need a partner who's a lot more organized than I am for it. Things to look forward to I guess. :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnddd there's "sculpting" news here too. Many folks were intrigued (and they always freak out when I let them hold the original sculpture) by my new "Sport Pony"/"Morgan Cross" fellow. This is encouraging. My goal is to wrap up the painting while here because then when I get moved I'll be able to focus on this pony. Less stuff needed and dust/cleaning (wall painting/carpeting) etc can go on around me whereas for painting, that's a problem. This has been why I've done nothing sculpting wise for a month now and focused entirely on painting.

I won't even get into the fact that several people who've gotten their Iarets are out there making tack for them that intrigues me greatly! ;) I still am contemplating where to get appropriate classic sized dolls for a potential "teasing" set up for her (you know, introducing over a fence or wall?). Mmm.. things I don't need to worry about for a long time. Focus on the painting & sculptures, I know I know!

And with that, off to watch the only show I take the time to right now, LOST! Woohoo! :)

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